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 Post subject: Bug Tracker
PostPosted: Tue Jan 08, 2013 11:45 am 
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Please use the in-game command "bug" to report any bugs that you come across while playing the game. They will be posted in this thread with further information. If the issue has been resolved it is located at the following link:

[20694] Lyeis: south outpost in tier spawns multiple captains/borders...there's 5 here now.
I'm looking into this issue now. Thanks. 1/8/2013 - Hobbie
[15999] Tychus: ball of light is not lighting anything up when its dark in the ddf.
Note sent 1/10/2013 - Hobbie
[40025] Rekcuf: targetting skaal sometimes works, sometimes doesn't recognize it there
[40046] Ruin: trip allows you to stand and leave the room
[20408] Jeiwkepzkewq: somehow stuck fighting nothing for 2 tics. confused
[15999] Wix: when you hit "n" for color, at the login screen, login without color, then hit "color", it says "colors deactivated" (the first time you hit color), then again to activate color
[25694] Novel: no way to open door unless no dragon items in your eq/worn
[24502] Zarco: When mobs flee, you continue to fight them and get stuck in the room fighting nothing
[111] Zhymm: toplist
Haven't seen this issue - where the toplist for individual classes aren't showing up properly. Added to bug tracker. 1/12/2013 - Hobbie
[20468] Azlym: when u recall mounted u have no mount until you move
Added to tracking. 1/12/2013 - Hobbie
[50209] Azlym: barbs resist? does it only work against heals from kingdom mates
Barbarian resist will work against any spells or skills cast against them. We're currently re-doing the code that controls how spells are cast. We are working on determining how best to code this in moving forward. 1/14/2013 - Hobbie
[20448] Azlym: quest time isnt IRL mins, nor ticks? what other time is there, am i real?
Quest time runs on an internal clock. It says minutes, but it really doesn't run in minutes. I'll look in to it to see if we can get a better "timekeeper" for this. 1/14/2013 - Hobbie
[20916] Jeiwkepzkewq: toplist doesnt update on raids, so there's a mismatch
[20467] Aico: apparently step cannot increase in skill percentage. considering a failure takes you in a random direction, this is very painful
[24927] Merlin: the line after casting swarm is showing XD4 swarms you or something like that.
[15842] Yarl: i think top list if f'd up again top mage lists every type of chars
[ 1920] Yarl: you cant flee from a closed door room with pass door enabled
[20298] Morrigu: 30 attempts at web on -95 saves = fail rate, with him sleeping.
[ 6116] Tychus: Object 'mirror fiends shard light' is type light, extra flags glow burn_proof. Yet everywhere i go It is pitch black ... Show me some love
[20474] Novel: hand to hand, i can punch more than 3 times in a round. like 4 sometiems 5 punches.
[20448] Roen: score doesnt show numerical AC
[15842] Yarl: jonc had a good idea of posting a enlarged view of the entire map on the wiki, dont know iof possible but
[61999] Hobbie: create a text output map, preferably with color codes, and labeled for the wiki.
[20514] Hex: delete command should prompt for password
[15999] Rawr: jonc is able to detect invisible
[15814] Dragoth: The banker realizes you are a threat and attacks... but I wasn't the one fighting the mob.
[57919] Cloud: zealot strike haste interferes with ferv haste
[20254] Cloud: outfit is broken
[15814] Dragoth: The banker realizes you are a threat and attacks... but I wasn't the one fighting the mob.
[20332] Django: druids, clerics do not have alchemy but witches do :(
[20402] Slain: scale can work while webbed...
[ 6000] Quix: skills dont go up in enemy towns, enemy outposts
[10011] Tifa: bards dont get enough practices -> [61999] Hobbie: bards need 31 more pracs
[15844] Jonc: when you drink too much you can't eat but it still spams you with hunger messages every tick.
[15941] Hexm: no help page for hiptoss
[20215] Criss: enchant weapon use on assassin blade , when poofed the invis does not fade as should.
[24063] Strider: multiple caltrop affects from my own caltrops AND bind can be spammed, adding an affect each time
[20298] Rathik: slow is not working correctly, if haste is removed, it says "cannot slow any more" ...even though they arent slowed
[30114] Dvija: I got better at blind fighting, but I wasn't blind that time in combat. On that note, what does blind fighting even do? -Nyx
[23064] Hexed: entangling a mob causes me to become noquit

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